Here we go

My first visit will be on Friday after work. She will be coming to pick up my initial paperwork and doing a walk-through of the house.

I’m upset with myself for not finding the time to post after the last 2 training sessions.  If I don’t have time to sit & write down my thoughts now, how will I ever be able to do it with a kid?!

Both of the last training sessions flew by.  Though I am eager to dive in & see what it’s all really like, the sessions were informative and reassuring.  Not to mention we had a great group of fellow foster parent hopefuls.

On the last day, the instructor brought in a woman (now in her 30s) who had spent 5 years in foster care as a child (in many different homes) and was finally adopted along with her 2 biological brothers. Hearing her story was not unlike others I had heard before, but each time I hear of the suffering a child as been through, my heart breaks a little more.

I am now finished with the training & moving on to the other steps.  My entire family and close friends all know now.  Everyone has expressed genuine enthusiasm and support for this journey that I am on.  I am so thankful and just hope that the rest of the process goes as smoothly as the beginning has been.

In other news, I finally updated my phone software and was able to download the WordPress app, enabling me to write this on my phone as I relax in the recliner tonight!


Training Session #1

I’m so glad I was able to fit the March training sessions into my schedule.  When I arrived on Saturday morning, I found out just how long it’s been since they’ve had enough interest to hold a regular foster parent training — let’s just say, I’m glad the timing was right for this one!  I’d probably be waiting awhile for another one to roll around.  From what I heard, they hold a lot of kinship foster parent trainings, but not many for regular foster care parents in our county.

There were 5 couples, a mother/daughter duo (daughter is around 22 years old), an older single woman, and me.  Up until this point, everything has seemed like a great idea.  While I know there will be obstacles, I feel solid in my decision, and I feel confident that I will be able to do this!  However, when all eyes were on me during group introductions, I felt insecure about it for the first time.  Here I am, a single, young woman (27 years old this year) signing on to do this all by myself.  I’m sure they were all wondering what I am thinking! That being said, I’ve given it so much more thought since Saturday, and I still know I am making the right decision.

I loved how each person/couple was different.  Some have grown children, some have none, some have kid(s) that are still kids now, etc.  Every different type of scenario was present.  The other single woman has years of experience because her daughter and sisters are foster parents as well.  It was so interesting to hear from everyone else about their connection to foster care/adoption & why they feel called to do this.  So much love in one room.

The training session (9am-4pm) flew by, which I would say is a good thing!  I was so interested in each topic that we discussed that I could have sat there listening well after 4pm.  We started delving into the level of care that some of these children will need, as well as the things they have gone through.  We also learned a lot about how DCP&P operates.  As much as I thought I knew before, I am realizing this is just the beginning.  And while there were some hard truths exposed during the day, I am excited to go back this weekend for more.

As I sit here typing this, I am wishing I took more notes.  We have a workbook that we are using for the class, so all of the information is in there.  However, there were so many things I wanted to mention in my blog entry that are just escaping me now.  I’ll do a better job this weekend.

Lightning Fast.

Things are moving so quickly.  I attended my orientation session.  During the entire 2-hour meeting, I was bubbling over with questions.  There are so many things I want to know, so much I want to learn, and I don’t even know where to begin.  The other three people in the room sat contently.  I learned later that they each had prior experience with foster care in other states and through family members.  That would explain their calm, “no questions” state.

Anyway, during the session, we were told all about the timeline of the application process.  “Someone will contact you in 1-3 weeks to make an appointment to pick up your paperwork and do a walkthrough of your home.”  He explained it would take about 4-6 months in total to go through all of the steps.  Then, I got a call today.  He asked me if I would start training this Saturday, in order to get things moving quicker.  This is because of the need they have to get new foster families, with over 30 foster homes closing in the county within the past year for various reasons.

Things are moving much quicker than I thought they would.  I guess it’s time to just dive in.  Here. Goes. Nothing.

Day One

It’s not actually day one.  It was day one over five years ago when I learned this was something I wanted to do in my life.  Growing up, I was always told that life will never turn out the way you expect or plan.  And everyone who said this was 110% correct.

A long time ago, I was inspired to someday raise foster children in my home.  Since that time, it has been on my heart.  This past year, it has become something I have thought about more and more.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve Googled about becoming a foster parent.

I can’t shake this feeling that it’s time for me to start working toward this goal.  Over the past couple months, I have spent hours researching on the internet, purchased a few books about foster care, and most importantly, begun to share this news with my close family and friends.

I want to document this journey for myself, but hopefully I’ll be able to reach someone out there who shares my same dream.